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Jay Whitecloud's Minka house

  • Jay Whitecloud's House 025
    The photos in this album are pictures of Jay Whitecloud's work ( my Mentor ) Unfortunately my Involvement In this Project has been minimal however there are some outstanding examples of Minka in here as well as some Influences from other Asian cultures. I hope you enjoy these photos!

Kodama Carpentry frame shop project

  • Milling_timberframeing_200
    This is one of my current project's, building my frame shop. Hopefully it will be finished by spring so I can move on to other Projects. I also need to build a Home,a tea house,and a Japanese bathhouse. I hope you find this site Interesting,and perhaps in the future I can help you with your projects.

Timber Framing

  • Milling_timberframeing_139_1
    You May have heard of timber framing, but this is something completely different than what most people in the u.s. have seen. If different is what you are looking fore you wont be disappointed. Asian timber framing has something to offer those that are interested in seeing or building something less common. I hope you like what you see!

peterson portable sawmills

  • Milling_timberframeing_155
    In this album you will find pictures from my milling operation and see how a Peterson mill works this is the lowest end Peterson on the market bit still nothing else compares. Nothing else even comes close!